EN 15744

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Title (EN) Film identification — Minimum set of metadata for cinematographic works

Titel (DE): Identifkation von Filmen — Mindestsatz von Metadaten für Kinofilme

Titre (FR): Identification des films — Jeu minimal de métadonnées pour œuvres cinématographiques

EN 15744 is a metadata set for basic identification of cinematographic works prepared under the Terms of Reference for CEN Technical Committee 372. Available in English, French and German from all European national standards bodies and from CEN affiliates outside of Europe. The French version is also a national standard under the number NF Z44-100.

Unlike its companion standard, EN 15907, this standard defines a set of data elements considered relevant for the identification of audiovisual creations at the work level. Since moving image works cannot be completely abstracted from the medium in which they were created, the EN 15744 element set includes some properties of an "original" incarnation of the work in an audiovisual medium.

Data elements


A word, phrase, character, or group of characters, normally appearing in an item, naming the item or the work contained in it.

Series / Serial

A series is a group of separate items related to one another by the fact that each item bears, in addition to its own title, a collective title applying to the group as a whole.

A serial is a type of “short subject” work which is characterized principally by the episodic development of a story.


A collective term for actors and their roles. A broad distinction is made between cast and credits by defining cast as those in front of the camera and credits as those behind the camera.


The names and functions of persons responsible for the production and/or artistic or intellectual content of a cinematographic work. The term “credits” is often used more specifically to distinguish between those behind the camera from “cast”, those in front of the camera.

Country of Reference

The country or countries where the principal offices of the production company (or companies) of a cinematographic work are located.

Original Format

The description of the physical artefact on which the first known manifestation of a cinematographic work was fixed.

Original Length

The total physical length of the first known manifestation of a cinematographic work, measured in feet or metres.

Original Duration

The running time of the first known manifestation of a cinematographic work, measured in minutes and seconds.

Original Language

The language or languages of the spoken, sung or written content of the first known manifestation of a cinematographic work.

Year of Reference

A date asssociated with an event in the life cycle of the cinematographic work, typically associated with its creation, availability or registration (for example for copyright purposes).


An unambiguous reference to the resource within a given context, where possible the International Standard Audio-visual Number (ISAN), otherwise a specific number issued by a government department, or other official body in an individual country, or an archive’s inventory number.


A descriptor or descriptors, preferably from a controlled vocabulary which characterise the general style of a cinematographic work.


A reference to a related work, cinematographic, literary or other, preferably by means of a formal identification system.


The name of the archive or other organisation supplying the record.