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Name (1..n)<br />
Name (1..n)<br />
Agent type (0..1)<br />
[[EN 15907 Agent type|Agent type]] (0..1)<br />
Agent reference (0..n)<br />
Agent reference (0..n)<br />
Agent instance (0..n)
Agent instance (0..n)

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Definition from the standard

An Agent is defined as an entity that is involved in the creation, realization, curation or exploitation of a Cinematographic Work, Variant, Manifestation or Item. Typical distinctions between agent types are Person, Corporate Body, Family and Person Group.

An instance of Agent may be represented in one of the following ways:

  • by inclusion of an authority record. With this representation, the user of a cinematographic work record can re-build the relevant parts of the authority file that was used for preparing the record.
  • by reference to an authority record. This requires that any user of the cinematographic work record has access to an authority file from which names and other details of the Agent instance can be obtained.
  • by name. This method may be used alone if no authority file for the Agent instance was available when the cinematographic work record was prepared.

These three methods may be used in any combination. For example, a full authority record may be included only once within a contiguous collection of cinematographic work records, and referred to by use of an identifier (or an identifier and a name) in all other cases. Names alone may occur in combination with authority-based references or records if the latter are only available for some instances of Agent.

An Agent authority record included within a cinematographic work record may have any internal structure, provided that all corresponding elements are identified by a namespace prefix that can be resolved to a schema declaration.

Data model




Name (1..n)
Agent type (0..1)
Agent reference (0..n)
Agent instance (0..n)

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