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Definition from the standard

A single exemplar of a manifestation. Within the scope of this standard, this also encompasses fragments or otherwise incomplete or defective exemplars. In the case of purely digital media, an item is defined as the availability of the computer file from an owner, irrespective of the number of backup copies that may exist.

Instances of Item shall have a many-to-one relationship with an instance of Manifestation.

Data model




Title (0..n)
Extent (0..n)
Holding institution (1..n)
Inventory number (0..n)
Instantiation type (0..1)
Item specifics (0..1)
Access conditions (0..n)
Catalogue reference (0..n)


HasAgent (0..n)
HasEvent (0..n). Target: Preservation Event
HasOtherRelation (0..n)

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