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Definition from the standard

A manifestation is the physical embodiment of a cinematographic work or one of its variants. Since cinematographic works are also distributed online, i.e. without a fixed physical carrier, the definition in this standard also encompasses computer files. A manifestation is not exclusively bound to a single cinematographic work or variant, since publishers may choose to combine more than one variant of a cinematographic work or more than one cinematographic work on a single distribution medium. The distribution medium itself can be composed of several units of the same kind.

Instances of Manifestation may have one-to-many relationships with instances of Item and Event, and many-to-many relationships with instances of Cinematographic Work or Variant.

Data model




Identifier (1..n)
Record Source (0..n)
Title (0..n)
Language (0..n)
Extent (0..n)
Format (0..1)


HasAgent (0..n)
HasEvent (0..n). Targets: Publication Event, Decision Event, Preservation Event
HasOtherRelation (0..n)
HasItem (0..n)

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