Extension schemes for EN 15907

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EN 15907 has a number of data element definitions that refer to yet undefined value or relationship types, or undetermined data structures. This approach was chosen by the Technical Committee because any other option would have forced it to take decisions either beyond the scope of the mandate, or without a stable consensus.

Any vital standard is under continuous review by its user community. Here is a place for such activities. Please contribute in any way you can.

Issue: Temporal sections of an AV manifestation

This was raised on several occasions during the Rome workshop. Some usage scenarios are:

  • Re-use relationships: Clips from a manifestation of work A were re-used in a manifestation of work B such that B incorporates interval T1,T2 from A; material from A is being re-used in interval T1,T2 of B.
  • Content description: A shotlist item or a set of indexing descriptors refers to interval T1,T2 of a manifestation.
  • Describing manifestations of complex works: Newsreel item B occurs at T1,T2 in issue N of a series.

The W3C has a Media Fragments Working Group which studies ways of expressing fragments as part of resource identifiers for the Web.

relationships would refer to the works. A reference to a manifestation is not needed or useful. It may even confuse the issue because a manifestation may contain several works.

Mikko --Mku 14:59, 27 May 2011 (CEST)

Don't agree here because the work-level description has neither extent nor duration (it is basically the production event); only manifestation has. A manifestation of multiple works would be described as compilation work, referring to manifestations as its constituents.

Detlev --Dbalzer 01:16, 29 May 2011 (CEST)

Issue: Spatial segments of images from an AV manifestation

Use cases:

  • "deep" indexing (e.g. identification of individuals within a group, objects of interest within a scene)
  • annotation overlays
  • citation (referring to portions of an image from a text).


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