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From the TC 372 Workshop Compendium

The EN 15907 schema was designed to accomodate more detail than what is commonly found in a single filmography. This makes it suitable for compiling information found in scattered sources, i.e. for aggregating metadata at the level of individual cinematographic works.

Pancéřové auto / Das Panzerauto



Here is a snippet from a record found in the Catalogue of Czech Feature Films 1898-1970 (Katalog Český hraný film 1898-1970).

Other sources say that Pancéřové auto was a Czech-German co-production, also known as Das Panzerauto. Eine Geschichte mit Hindernissen.


From: CineGraph - Hamburgisches Centrum für Filmforschung e.V.

Another set of metadata for the same work, in this case from the in-house database of CineGraph. This record has been compiled from a printed version of the Czech feature film catalogue, plus information from Gero Gandert's history of cinema in the Weimar Republic.



Thirdly, we have a record from the Czech National Film Archive, aggregated into, containing an item-level description in addition to abbreviated work-level metadata for the film.



Finally, we become aware of some recent screening events. In this case, we have a festival programme from Poland, announcing the screening of Pancéřové auto on August 18th, 2009, in the city of Płock. It also mentions live musical accompaniment by a group named Mahadeva.


We now consolidate our findings using the EN 15907 XML schema. Here is a tranformed view of such a work-level aggregation, and here is the raw XML encoding.

Further evidence


From: Internationale Filmschau (1929) No. 8, p.6. Retrieved from

Carrying on our research leads us to this short notice in Internationale Filmschau, a German-language trade magazine from August 25th, 1929.

This confirms the involvement of Hom-Film as a production company. It also says that the production event had just ended, i.e. in August 1929.

What is misleading here is the headline, claiming that all of this is news from studios in Berlin.

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