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Metadata Standards for Cinematographic Works54.198.142.121

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Agent and event: Further examplesApproaching the subject of a film workArtificial Agents
CEN TC 372 Workshop SeriesClarifying the seemingly obvious: Cast and credits
Common pitfalls in vocabulary selectionDescription levels: A worked example
EFG Data Quality Workshop, FrankfurtEN 15744EN 15907
EN 15907 AgentEN 15907 Agent typeEN 15907 Award
EN 15907 Carrier typeEN 15907 Cinematographic WorkEN 15907 Content
EN 15907 Content DescriptionEN 15907 Country of ReferenceEN 15907 Decision Event
EN 15907 EventEN 15907 ExtentEN 15907 Format
EN 15907 GaugeEN 15907 HasAgentEN 15907 HasAsSubject
EN 15907 HasContentEN 15907 HasEventEN 15907 HasItem
EN 15907 HasManifestationEN 15907 HasOtherRelationEN 15907 HasVariant
EN 15907 IPR RegistrationEN 15907 IdentifierEN 15907 Identifying Title
EN 15907 Instantiation typeEN 15907 ItemEN 15907 Language
EN 15907 Language TagEN 15907 ManifestationEN 15907 Preservation Event
EN 15907 Production EventEN 15907 Publication EventEN 15907 Record Source
EN 15907 RegionEN 15907 RelationshipsEN 15907 Subject Terms
EN 15907 TimespanEN 15907 TitleEN 15907 Variant
EN 15907 Year of ReferenceEN 15907 manifestationTypeEN 15907 variantType
Events in the lifecycle of an audiovisual creationExample: Die freudlose Gasse
Example: The IllegalsExtension schemes for EN 15907Filmographic information in the ocean of data root namespaceHow EN 15744 and EN 15907 came into beingHow fragmentation happens
In-house usage scenariosMIDAS Metadata SchemaMain Page
Making sense of the VariantMetadata specifications in contextNews archive 2010 and earlier
No entity without identityPresentationsRelating artifacts with events
Relationships: An essential component of art and cultureRelationships with objects in other databasesSpielwiese
TC 372 Technical SpecificationTC 372 Workshop CompendiumTS 16371
The case for reference modelsTitles and proper namesType and relationship vocabularies
Where to look for suitable vocabulariesWorking from secondary sources

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