EN 15907

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Title: Film identification - Enhancing interoperability of metadata - Element sets and structures

EN 15907 defines a metadata set for the comprehensive description of cinematographic works including the various incarnations it can assume during its lifecycle.

The standard has been prepared under the Terms of Reference for CEN Technical Committee 372. Available in English, French and German from all European national standards bodies and from CEN affiliates outside of Europe. Non-authoritative pre-publication drafts for the English and German versions are available for download.

Scope statement from the standard

This European Standard specifies a set of metadata for the description of cinematographic works, as well as a terminology for use by parties wishing to exchange such descriptive metadata. It also defines some basic entities and relationships useful for defining data models as well as for structuring hierarchically ordered and serialised representations of metadata about cinematographic works including their variants, manifestations, and items.

Specific vocabularies for values of elements and attributes are mandated only in selected cases, and only if these vocabularies are actively maintained by a standardisation body.

Elements of the data model


Primary Entities

Contextual Entities


Common Element types