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Statements about the content of a cinematographic work may be made using any of the following elements:

  • Subject Terms - Items from a concept naming scheme or terms used for describing the subject, genre or form of a cinematographic work. This element is intended to carry instances of subject terms. Terms represented as reference to an external resource may be represented as subject relationship (HasAsSubject relationship).
  • Content Description - A textual description of the contents of a work. A content description should refer to a single work, in contrast to subject terms and relationships, which are intended to identify works that share certain characteristics. Works that form a group (e.g. series) may have a common content description if they are described on an aggregate level (i.e. as a complex work).

In addition, a cinematographic work may be associated with instances of Agent, Event, or Cinematographic Work through a HasAsSubject relationship. A subject relationship states that the instance referred to is a major or minor subject of the cinematographic work. If the subject is described by name (e.g. work title, personal name, subject keyword, etc) alone, it is regarded as subject term.

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Subject Terms (0..n)
Content Description (0..n)



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