Clarifying the seemingly obvious: Cast and credits


From the TC 372 Workshop Compendium

Cast and credits appear to be simply relationships between films and people, and perhaps fictitious characters. Is it really that simple?


From: The Tales of Hoffmann, UK, 1951.

This is Frederick (later: Sir Frederick) Ashton acting as a character named Cochenille, taken from a German manifestation of the British production of Hoffmanns Erzählungen, made in 1951.

The first thing to note is that his contribution is, like that of most actors, at the work level.


An XML representation using the EN 15907 HasAgent relationship.

For uniquely identifying the person, we have included an identifier from the British film Institute. At this place, we could add any number of further identifiers.


This relationship is a bit more complex. Here, Frederic Ashton is credited as a member of the Sadlers Wells Ballet, together with two further members.

Since the Sadlers Wells Ballet can be assumed to consist of more than three members, we would choose not to include it as a person group or corporate entity. As all persons mentioned on this frame are dancers, we can assume that this also represents a dancing credit for Frederic Ashton.


Here we have added a Dancer activity to the relationship. If Frederick Ashton's affiliation with the Sadlers Wells Ballet is considered important, then this can be added using the Activity Detail element.


From: I Vitelloni (1953)

Another detail from a trailer for I Vitelloni.

Consulting other sources, this turns out to be the Italian film critic's prize, awarded in 1954 to Alberto Sordi as "best actor". The nastro d'argento (silver ribbon) is sponsored by the Sindacato Nazionale Giornalisti Cinematografici Italiani[1].


Strictly speaking, this event would relate to the relationship between Alberto Sordi and the work, I Vitelloni. Since EN 15907 does not specify so-called reification of relationships, we create an award instance for the film work and include Agent references for the winner and the sponsor of the award.

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