EFG Data Quality Workshop, Frankfurt

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Open EFG Workshop on Data Quality and Semantic Interoperability in European Film Archives

Date: 30 May, 2011 (all day)

Organised by/Type: European Film Gateway

Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Audience: All interested professionals (cataloguers, filmographers)

Description: This workshop is going to sum up what EFG has achieved in the field of data enrichment and cleaning so far and outline possible benefits for the film archival community. The presentations and discussions will focus on:

  • film archival vocabularies
  • cataloguing in the film archives
  • EFG´s approach to authority file building
  • linking film archival data to the semantic web
  • linking film archival data with external authority files
  • bringing forward standardisation of cataloguing and vocabulary work within the film archival sector and creating shared platforms (wiki)

Presenters come from the FIAF cataloguing commission, the CEN Cinematographic Work Standard (EN:15907) as well as from the museum and the library sector.

For further information and to register, please contact Francesca Schulze (f.schulze[insert an at-sign here]deutsches-filminstitut.de).