EN 15907 HasOtherRelation

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Definition from the standard

This expresses types of association that are not covered by the HasAgent, HasContent, HasAsSubject, and HasEvent relationships, such as all kinds of aggregation and re-use of cinematographic works, their variants, manifestations and items. Examples include:

  • Object relationships such as with published reviews, books about a cinematographic work, advertising materials, archival documents and museum objects relating to the cinematographic work, etc.;
  • Aggregates of works such as compilations;
  • Re-use of a whole, or parts of, a cinematographic work in another cinematographic work;
  • Re-use at the variant level, e.g. by addition of outtakes described separately;
  • Aggregation at the manifestation level, e.g. combination of several cinematographic works within a DVD edition, combination of cinematographic works with works in other media or with any kind of reproducible object for which a description is available;
  • Aggregation at the item level, e.g. projection reels containing more than one cinematographic work.

Data model


relationshipType (mandatory)
relationshipDetail (optional)

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