EN 15907 Production Event

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Definition from the standard

A distinct event in the course of production of a cinematographic work or variant that is significantly separated in space and/or time from the main production event, or is known with a greater amount of detail. Examples are dates and locations where castings took place, dates and locations of shootings or other recordings, or dates and locations of particular post-production activities. A production event may be associated with instances of Agent in the role of their specific involvement with the event.

Data model


0..n for Cinematographic Work
0..n for Variant




ProductionEventType (1)
Region (0..n). Type: Region
Location (0..n)
Date (0..n). Type: Timespan
EventDetails (0..n)


Since we define a Cinematographic Work as the sum of events that have led to the creation of a moving image, it may not be obvious why there should also be a production event, modelled as separate entity.

Initially, the motivation for this event type came from the fact that filming locations, if known, are often considered important. Simply defining the filming location as a property of the work would not allow for separation of individual events known by place and date, at least not in machine-accessible form.

Further use cases include casting events, which are sometimes also known by date and location. Other production events may include the acquisition or rental of noteworthy property or accessories for the purpose of making the film.

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