EN 15907 Cinematographic Work

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This entity forms the node that relates all variants and manifestations of a moving image work to a common creation. The concept of cinematographic work comprises both the intellectual or artistic content and the process of realisation in a cinematographic medium. Since this process determines the characteristics which are expected to persist in any variant of a cinematographic work, this entity is defined here as the topmost level of description. Characteristics that should remain constant throughout all variants of a cinematographic work include circumstances of the creation process such as date(s) and place(s) of production, most contributions by agents such as directors, screenwriters, production staff and cast members, as well as any statements about the contents. Statements about the extent of a cinematographic work are not defined at this level of description. If a statement about an "original format" is required, then this may be expressed through an associated instance of manifestation labelled with a suitable type name such as "original".

A cinematographic realisation of a pre-existing non-film work is considered as a cinematographic work. This includes pure performance works such as concerts, original theatre performances, sports events, etc. Moving images created by use of automatic devices such as surveillance cameras, scientific or medical instruments, etc. can be considered as cinematographic works if they are part of an archive collection or if they have been edited, published or distributed by a known Agent.

Instances of the Cinematographic Work entity may have one-to-many relationships with instances of Variant and Manifestation and many-to-many relationships with instances of Agent, Event and Content.

Data model




Identifier (1..n)
Record Source (1..n)
Title (0..n)
Identifying Title (1..n)
Country of Reference (1..n)
Year of Reference (1..n)
Language (0..n)
Subject Terms (0..n)
Content Description (0..n)


HasAgent (0..n)
HasEvent (0..n). Targets: Production Event, Award, IPR Registration
HasContent (0..n)
HasAsSubject (0..n)
HasOtherRelation (0..n)
HasVariant (0..n; if 0, then 1..n for HasManifestation)
HasManifestation (0..n; if 0, then 1..n for HasVariant)

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