Filmographic information in the ocean of data


From the TC 372 Workshop Compendium

Drowning, getting diluted, or taking on the challenge?

Metadata from film archives may appear as little more than a drop in the ocean of factual data that already exists on the net. Is it worthwhile to join the game of linked open data?

Lod-datasets 2010-09-22r.jpg


This is a scaled-down rendering of Richard Cyganiak's famous visualisation of the linked open data cloud, as of September, 2010. Updates of this are published on .

The quality of these datasets ranges from wretched to wonderful, and some of the services seem to be defunct most of the time while others do an admirable job. In this respect, linked open data is still little different from the rest of the Internet.

What makes a differerence, however, is the long-term potential of organising knowledge publicly by expressing typed (i.e. semantic) relationships between myriads of statements.

Routes for exploration

Some LOD exercises in filmography