Type and relationship vocabularies

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Vocabulary initiatives

European Film Gateway Vocabularies

These vocabularies have been prepared as part of EFG workpackage 3, Content Enrichment and Semantic Interoperability. Currently, there are two collections:

  • EFG vocabularies I: Value lists and types for EFG data elements
  • EFG vocabularies II: Types for semantic relationships

Both can be downloaded as MS Excel files from the EFG Guidelines and Standards page.

DCMI/RDA Task Group

The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative RDA Task Group has produced lists of vocabularies and value encoding schemes originating from MARC and from the more recent work on RDA. Some of the vocabularies are now published under a new namespace, RDVocab.info. For an example, see http://rdvocab.info/roles.rdf; for a catalogue of all vocabularies from the RDA Task Group, see http://metadataregistry.org/.

EBU P/META Coding Schemes

This is a collection of value lists for data elements in the P/META schema maintained by the European Broadcasting Union Metadata Advisory Group (EBU P/MAG). In addition to their own specifications, the P/MAG also collects several other metadata schemas that may be relevant to radio and television archives.

Vocabulary Repositories

The Metadata Registry is the successor to the NSDL Registry. This is where to look for all vocabularies under the RDVocab.info namespace, plus several others including PBCore.

SchemaWeb is a directory of schemas and vocabularies expressed in RDF/RDFS/OWL compiled by the people who brought us FOAF (among others). No significant update activity over the past few years.

Authority Files

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