EN 15907 Event

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Definition from the standard

An Event is an abstract entity that characterises occurrences in the life cycle of a cinematographic work. Instances of Cinematographic Work, Variant, Manifestation and Item may be associated with any number of Events. In addition, instances of any Event type may have Agent relationships. This standard defines the following event types:

  • Publication Event - A public screening or broadcast, or a public release on a physical distribution medium or online.
  • Decision Event - A decision about the suitability of a cinematographic work or variant for a particular audience. Includes censorship and rating decisions.
  • Award - A bestowal of an award relating to the cinematographic work or to a specific achievement by an Agent in the context of a cinematographic work.
  • Production Event - A specific event in the creation of the cinematographic work.
  • Preservation Event - The creation of a new manifestation or variant with the intent of safeguarding the contents of a cinematographic work.

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