EN 15907 Award

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Definition from the standard

The bestowal of an award relating to the cinematographic work. This excludes awards for entities of type Agent alone (e.g. "for lifetime achievement"), but includes awards for individual achievements within the context of a cinematographic work (e.g. "best screenplay"). Awards will be usually associated at the level of the cinematographic work, except for cases where features of a particular variant are explicitly mentioned (e.g. "best audio commentary for the visually impaired") or the award relates to a particular manifestation (such as a DVD edition). An Award may be associated with instances of Agent in the role of individual winner, sponsor, etc., or with instances of Event, e.g. if the prizegiving ceremony was part of a festival.

Data model


0..n for Cinematographic Work
0..n for Variant
0..n for Manifestation




Date (0..1). Type: Timespan
NominationOnly (0..1)
AwardName (1)
Achievement (0..1)
EventRelationship (0..1)


HasAgent (0..n)
HasEvent (0..n)
HasOtherRelation (0..n)

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