Media coverage

Eindeutige Identifikation von Filmen: Normung von Metadaten News item from DIN, July, 2011 (in German)

Á la une : ateliers Aff CNC WebTV item about the Paris Workshop, June, 2011 (in French)

CEN Standards for Metadata about Cinematographic Works. Report on the Prague workshop by Erwin Verbruggen. EUscreen Blog, June 24, 2011

Some introductory slides from past presentations

The CEN Standards for the Identification of Cinematographic Works: A Brief Overview. Ronny Loewy and Detlev Balzer, EFG Kickoff Meeting, September, 2008 (PDF)

Exploring semantic relationships in filmographic data. Detlev Balzer, May, 2009 (PDF)

The CEN Standards for Metadata About Cinematographic Works: Overview and Current Status. Ronny Loewy, October, 2009 (PDF)

CEN Standards for Metadata About Cinematographic Works: An Update and Invitation. Ronny Loewy, June, 2010 (PDF)

Background materials

These are two contributions to CEN TC 372 illustrating the search for an alignment between the metadata standard for cinematographic works and the FRBR:

Fanny och Alexander. Example(s) for modelling FRBR - FRAD by Elisabeth Giuliani, June, 2008 (PDF)

"Fanny och Alexander": A FRBR Modelling Exercise by Detlev Balzer, July, 2008 (PDF)